"Our Juno track lighting supersedes my expectations by 200%. The locations you worked out for the track spots light the work areas without interruption and the colour temperature and intensity of the bulbs are perfect!... The MR16 bulbs are great for my 12 volt solar-powered system - just 36 watts in total for such wonderful kitchen work lights! One never waits too long when waiting for something good!!! Thanks again, Chris."


"Thank you all most sincerely for the great job you have done designing such a wonderful lighting system. As you promised, the fixtures look wonderful and the overall effect is very pleasing. Thank you once again for your patience, expertise and personal interest."

M and J

"I don't know how to begin to express my appreciation for your help in selecting lighting for our home. ... You all have been wonderful to work with. Everyone has been professional, helpful and friendly on every visit, phone call and question. Thank you all for helping Brian and I create our dream home!"


"I was pleased with Atlantic Lighting Studio's consulting service regarding my condo lighting. They were extremely knowledgable, and I was amazed at their suggestions for improvements and additions to my lighting. My unit is in a very old house, with an odd layout, and tends to be a little dark. However, I am now extremely confident that I have it right thanks to Atlantic Lighting Studio. I'd also like to say how helpful Rene was to me on my last visit your shop to order some sconces. Its very re-assuring to know that there is somewhere to turn for expert advice and not get the usual impatience."